Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wexy Bags

Today’s society offers parents countless opportunities to shape and enrich the lives of their children, and with these opportunities come an equally countless number of challenges. How we decide to feed our children is among the most basic and most significant choices for kid’s health. More importantly, it isn’t a choice we make only once. However we decide to nourish our children, it is a choice that involves a sustained commitment throughout their growing lives to make healthy choices.

For a review I got sent some fun/cute Wexy Bags. They are white & have cute little monsters on them. They are super fun snack bags for kids. Wexy bags fit into kids lunch boxes & it's a perfect way to get your kids to eat healthy snacks such as organic snacks & gluten free. My son thought they were so cute & actually did an expression the other Monster did on the bag pictured below:

He said that these were cute snack bags, and he wanted to take some for his car trips when we go out. 

Meet the Monsters:
Sammy the Surfer eats foods that are gluten and dairy free! (read more)
Scout the Soccer Player loves making healthy snacks! (read more)
Bailey the Bubble Maker loves to eat organic foods! (read more)
Dusty the Diver loves to eat raw foods! (read more)

He is so happy he got these snack bags from WEXY. He pretty much helps himself to snacks & puts them in the bags. It's a fun way to kids to learn how to make there own snacks & put the fun into it & make there own little snacks for themselves. My son always wants to do stuff by himself to learn how to do different things.

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