Friday, June 15, 2012

Nature's Hand

Over 40 years ago, two Bavarian immigrants who resided in Minnesota decided they wanted to begin blending and baking their own unique mix of grains and nuts. This recipe would come straight from Northern Europe and was a recipe that had been used and shared with many people back in the old country. . . to read more about Nature's Hand click here

 For my lovely review I was able to choose 2 flavors from Nature's Hand the following flavors that interested me were Cinnamon Apple & French Vanilla Almond. I love the flavor of Cinnamon Apple & also French Vanilla Almond it gives it a good kick to your flavor & I actually mixed my yummy granola in with vanilla yogurt & it was amazingly good. The cinnamon apple has its crunchy oats with sunflower seeds & flavorful dried apples combined with cinnamon, how sweet & yummy is that! They actually have some recipes on their site which I came across the one that was Chewy Granola Cookies they look really yummy & you can find the recipe here, you gotta love chewy cookies they are the best. Of course they have other 5 delicious flavors as well & you can check them out here. I'm happy to know they sell these Nature's Hand products at my local Whole Foods Market store, so when I run out I can always get some more : )

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