Friday, June 15, 2012

RW Garcia Premium Tortilla Chips

At RW Garcia, we're changing the way people snack with a simple philosophy: great tasting can be good for you. We pride ourselves on producing surprising, delicious combinations of corn and other natural ingredients to create fun, healthy read more about RW Garcia click here

 I was sent some samples of RW Garcia Premuim Tortilla Chips to review. The 6 bags that I got were the following MixBag Family Value Pack & the Dippers 3 Seed.  The flavors that I got were Savory Dippers, Curry & Mango Dippers, Veggie Dippers & Blue Dippers. I have to say that Dipper 3 Seeds are really yummy. I always try to buy blue corn tortilla chips because they seem to be more healthier for you & my husband liked the Dippers as well we simply dipped guacamole with salsa & sour cream & even cheese dip it was really yummy. My son even enjoyed these as well. These would go great if you are simply having a party for someone or a family member.

 These blue Dippers were amazingly great with salsa. I enjoyed them a lot & so did my family. To find a store near you to buy your RW Garcia Premium Tortilla Chips click here

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