Friday, June 22, 2012

Uh Oh Industries

"Uh-oh", the infamous one liner that you can't help but smile at (even if they did just break your favorite dish). At Uh-Oh Industries we have taken all of those memorable times and laid them out as the foundation of our company. We are rooted in pure fun!.... to read more about Uh Oh Industries click here

 For my review I was sent a t-shirt from the messy line & I got the cheesy fingers t-shirt for my 5 yr old son. This t-shirt really fit my son well. It has a nice soft material. I believe all shirts should have nice & soft material or else you wouldn't feel comfy in it. My son told me that it was already messy lol which I thought was funny, and I did end up telling him that's how the shirt came it's called a messy line, he thought it was super cute and he than told me hes going to get it more messy with his hands, LOL. Kids these days, they crack me up.

They don't just have shirts they also have onsies also for babies. Have a question or concern to ask "Uh Oh Industries" click here

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