Sunday, July 22, 2012

34 Degrees

People always want to know how we got the name 34 Degrees. The answer is Sydney, Australia. Thirty-four degrees is the latitude of Sydney—the city where our company Founder Craig Lieberman discovered his passion for food and wine while attending grad school there. It’s also where he got his first taste of . . to read more about 34 Degrees click here

 For my review I was sent 3 boxes of 34 Degrees products. They were Chocolate, Cinnamon, Caramel. These wafers are actually really good I was skeptical at first to try them, but when all my brother & sister's were trying them I started to take one & boy are they delicious we first had the Caramel ones they were the best they are like those pezzelle's but these are smaller. They taste even better than "pezzells" I could snack on these all day they are really addicting. I don't think of them as a crisp wafer they are more of a light snack & are crunchy. I had saved some for our camping trip tomorrow, so I can't wait to snack on them on the way to PA. 

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