Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goose Valley Wild Rice

We are not just concerned about quality at the ranch.  We share ownership of the most modern wild rice mill in the industry, certified for organic production.  Our packaging is filled by another family-owned company, also organic certified.  No other wild rice brand is grown by a family in one location, milled by them, and packaged in an organic certified read more about Goose Valley click here

 For my review I was sent over three bags of Goose Valley Products;  one bag of Rice & Bean Fusion, Brown & Wild Rice Fusion &  Natural Wild Rice. Goose Valley Wild Rice has a unique combination of nutty flavor & hearty texture. I love how their wild rice is gluten-free whole grain, and is high in fiber and protein. I made the Brown & Wild Rice Fusion first with some Fish my husband had cooked & it really tasted good with the mixture with the fish & the rice together very well cooked. You can tell it taste healthy for you because brown rice is always good for you other than white rice it doesn't have all the nutrients for you. The other mixture of rices you can add veggies with the rice & some of your favorite meat choice to spice up the flavor a bit. Really love Goose Valley Rice.

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