Monday, August 6, 2012

My Pacifier

Ever wanted to customize your own pacifier for your baby/child. Well here is a site where you can do all that it's simple & easy especially for those mommy's who have twins and don't need to keep switching pacifiers to see whose is whose plus they will have their own name on it so you don't have to keep giving your child germs that the other baby might have. 

They have 2 different styles of Pacifiers one being Designer Pacifiers & that's the one I chose to do my review on. I looked through their website & I came across an awesome pink Crosseyed Jolly to review.

I picked this one out because one of my good friends Heather I went to High School with & we have been friends ever since. She recently had a baby girl named Breanna Rose. My friend Heather has always been into that rock music so she defiently loves anything to do with that sort of stuff & that being said I saw this & I knew she would love it for her daughter. 

 Breanna Rose wearing the Pink Crosseyed Jolly Pacifier in Pink. She loved it so much it put her to sleep a lot of times she loves her Pacifiers to help soothe her when she cries. My friend Heather loved it and thanked me very much for a great gift. I told her I got it for a review also so she was ecstatic.

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  1. Aww those are so cute!! If my daughter used pacy's I would get one!! Oh well, maybe on my next lol!!