Monday, August 6, 2012

IMUSA (panini maker)

From around the block to around the globe, technology enables IMUSA to build a community of people who love to cook. Thanks in part to its popularity online, IMUSA has moved beyond borders to become the leading brand of Hispanic housewares and a culinary brand ambassador of other international cuisines.

I came across a website called IMUSA. They let me review a Panini Maker with Setting Dial. Pictured above. I have to say that I am absolutely 100% HAPPY with this Panini Press Maker I love it so much. It's great to use to make your own melted sandwiches in just minutes. It has a setting dial for temperature at 1, 2 & 3. 3 for being the hottest. It also has a lock on the side for when you are finished with everything.

The lock setting & the temperature setting.

This is what my sandwich looked before I put it into my panini maker.

After it was all done, you can tell the bread is flat, and when I took a bite into it the bread was so crispy & yummy the cheese just was melty & so amazingly good. 

I am beyond happy about my panini press I always wanted to own one but never had the money to actually buy one, but I don't have that problem anymore because I got it for a review & I am simply satisfied with it. My husband also enjoys it as well. We brought our panini maker on our recent camping trip to PA at Otter Lake & my whole family got to try out our panini maker. It was great :)

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  1. I have always wanted to try a pressure cooker. IMUSA has a 5 quart electric one. That seems like the perfect device for me to learn how to cook with a pressure cooker.

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