Friday, August 10, 2012


There are so many people on the NOVICA Live team that are looking forward to meeting you, including our co-founders Armenia Nercessian, Roberto Milk, Andy Milk and Charles Hachtmann. In particular, there are three very special people that we'd like to introduce you read more about NOVICA Team please click here

 For my review I was able to pick something out from NOVICA website at & I choose this lovely Cinnamon Clover beaded wrap bracelet to review. I really loved the way it looked. I love anything that is like this color a brown/cinnamon color that is. I love flowers as well they are so delicate & beautiful. 

Auguring good luck, a four leaf clover is Anusara's theme for this design. She crafts the bracelet by hand from smooth beads and stainless steel.

 I love how it was laid out on a cute little pillow it was assembled very nicely.

This bracelet would go along with anything it's simply beautiful. I love the beaded wrap around the bracelet it's very stylish & pretty. They also have a lot of other fancy & beautiful jewelry on their website such as earnings, necklaces, jewelry boxes & more...

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