Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleep Headband Headphones

“In 2007, I had trouble falling back to sleep after patient phone calls late at night as a family doctor. My husband suggested that I listen to something to take my mind off of patient concerns. Since I didn't want to disturb my husband while he slept, I needed headphones or ear buds I could wear in bed. But there was nothing comfortable on the market. I couldn't sleep on my side with headphones, . . . to read more about SleepPhones click here

I had the opportunity to review these awesome Sleep Phones for a review. I would of never thought of such a thing, but to be honest these are really cute & I really enjoyed these Sleep Phones especially the 2 hour drive that we went on for our camping trip to PA. I wore these & it made me fall asleep right on the car ride. These feel very comfortable & soft around your head you can barely feel that anything is on you and your just listening to music in thin air, lol. I plugged these into my phone I have a music player & I really enjoyed my tunes.

Only issue I had was when I was putting the headband on; the speakers wouldn't be in the exact same spot as my ears so I had to switch them up a bit and like work around the headband to try & push forward with the speakers. That was the only issue I had everything else was fine.

My husband even got a picture of me sleeping with the headphones on while we were camping in out tent..

 Overall I am really happy with these Sleep Headphones & I am really glad I got to try these out :)

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