Friday, August 10, 2012

Primal Spirit Foods

Primal Spirit was founded by walking buddies with a mutual interest in vegetarianism and world travel. On our trips around the world, we'd often come in contact with superior meat alternative food offerings not available in the American read more about Primal Spirit Foods click here

 I was sent 6 Vegan Primal Strips to try out for my review. Sometimes I wish my cousin was around to try these he is so love with these sorts of foods like beef jerky or something, he is in the marines right now so it's hard to commute with him on a daily basis. I gave my step dad 3 flavors he actually just picked out any random 3, but he seemed to enjoy them because he didn't have anything negative to say about these, but what they were. These are good snacks to snack on if your going on a bike ride or are simply a vegan fan. What's even more cooler you can actually cut these vegan strips up & toss them in your favorite salad or have them in your sandwiches. I'll have to try that next I have 2 more left so me & my husband will have to try it and melt it in our panini maker :)

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