Friday, August 10, 2012

Clearly Fresh Bags

Clearly Fresh® bags are large clear zip bags (12” X 14”), with a breathable 3 inch square membrane on one side. Each pack contains 10 bags. These bags enable you to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer for less waste and more savings. Its large size, allows you to store an entire bunch of bananas or a whole head of lettuce with room to spare. PLUS the bags are
re-closeable and recyclable.

 I recently had the opportunity to try out "Clearly Fresh Bags".  I had received 2 of them for a review. Allowing one to give to my mother to try out. I love buying fruits & veggies, but hate it when they go bad within the next week especially bananas. I usually set my fruits that don't need to be refrigerated on the table & the ones that do need to be refrigerated in the fridge hoping nothing goes bad until we eat it all. It frustrated me to no end to have that happen, especially if it's for a special dinner I have planned throughout the week or simple lunch I want to have I usually have mushrooms & peppers & I sauteed them, but it stinks to get ready to cook and when you pull out your veggies from in the fridge to see that they have already gone bad & are ruined, so with that being said I was super excited to try out these new clearly fresh bags for your fruits & vegetables. With these bags I don't have to worry about wasting fresh produce. Since I've gotten these bags I have been purchasing more fresh fruit & vegetables and we have been eating more fresh fruits & veggies so much that they are always gone before I can get a picture.

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