Monday, August 6, 2012

Toe Juice

In 1970, Royce Garner, a high school science teacher in Boise, Idaho, produced his first batch of Toe Juice®. His endeavor began when his infant son had flaking, dry, cracked feet. The many lotions and creams were ineffective and messy. So Royce did some research, went to his lab, and came out with a revolutionary new product. . .  to read more about Toe Juice click here

I came across a website called "Toe Juice" sounds oddly weird I know, but works really well. It looks like a sanitizer bottle, but doesn't burn like one. My husbands heels have been cracked/dry for some time now just from working & whatever else has has done in his past. Toe Juice is a great product to keep up the softness & hydration of my husbands feet. My son also has a wart on his hand, so I have been using the Toe Juice for that & I haven't seen no results yet, but I am still waiting for another week & see what happens. I also use it for my acne on my face it has been clearing up a lot lately. My mom sometimes gets cold sores as well, so I told her about this & I gave her the mini bottle & so when that time comes to get a cold sore she will defiently try this product out.

Overall I am completely satisfied with this product & I have been using it a lot lately.     
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