Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We are the shoe company that is founded on believes that add value to you and what you believe in. We believe in you, your choices and values. We bring product that fits your lifestyle, un-compromised quality, no-nonsense price and a commitment to our world by striving for a zero waste manufacturing process by factories that are as much committed to their employees as they are to their customers . . to read more about BURNETIE click here

I was able to choose a pair of shoes from www.burnetieshoes.com & I chose these Women's Backdrop. I absolutely love the color & the style shoe that I picked out because not only you can wear these as a regular shoe you can just easily slip your feet right into them as you see the back of the shoe it bends down the heel part which is a convenient for anyone who is on the go. Other colors they have are Yellow, Pink, White, etc. I would of loved the Pink ones since Pink is my favorite color.  I also love the style Swag Top they have on their website I would of loved to own a pair of them as well. They look so cute they have high tops. 

These shoes are really comfy as well. I wore them the other day to take my son to the bus stop & I love wearing these. Not only is this site for Women they have Men shoes as well. 

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  1. I love these shoes! I am a new follower from http://craftyhousemom.blogspot.com would love it if you would visit

  2. these look fun I will have to check the site out. thanks for stopping by Close TO home returning the favor and follwoing you back