Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mr. Wheat

We've carefully developed the very best in natural, nutritious, great-tasting, whole-grain snack foods. Using only the best ingredients and the highest standards in producing our line of health-conscious quality snacks, we are committed to excellence and the overall nutritional health of consumers . . . to read more about Mr. Wheats click here

For my review I was sent some Mr. Wheat products to review. The following flavors I got were: Original, Honey, Sea Salt, Apple Cinnamon, Onion Garlic & Caramel. I have to say these Mr. Wheat products are very strange but a very unique snack. They are made 99% from whole grain wheat. I love whole grain wheat anything that's all I'll eat is Whole Wheat Bread, Pasta, etc. These delicious healthy snacks are high in fiber. My one friend Meghan tried them and she said she felt like she was eating air. My siblings well my sisters I should say love them our pop-pop was at shop rite one day & the girls said that he brought them & that they loved them so they were really formilar with Mr. Wheats. I recently came across a recipe on their website it's called "Healthy Nachos"& boy does it sound good & interesting. I cannot wait to try it I was usually just eating them just out of the bag, but I have 2 flavors left & I am defiently going to try & make the Nachos.

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  1. I love Mr. Wheat and glad I had the chance to review them a while back!

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