Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dr. Lucky's Cookies

When Dr. Lucy Gibney discovered her child had severe food allergies, she got down to some serious medical research—in the kitchen. What began as a mother’s tasty recipe for her child has today developed into a delicious alternative for people with or without special dietary considerations . .  to read more about Lucky's click here

For my review I was sent some delicious Gluten Free cookies. I got Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Cookie & Maple Bliss. These cookies are really crunchy my 5 year old son loves them & so do I our favorite is Chocolate Cookie & Chocolate Chip. Ever since I have been eating Gluten-free it has helped my stomach calm down. There not like other cookies these are more nutrients for you they are organic I actually saw these at my local Whole Foods Market store & I was glad I didn't buy them & I got to review them. They are even good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with crushed cookies on top. Delicious!

This is the chocolate chip don't worry you can't see the 
chocolate chips but they are in there.

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