Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Safees are pedestrian traffic safety reflectors. Safees help keep you visible when walking (or biking, or scootering, or tricycling or even sledding or horseback riding!) in the dark. As approaching cars' headlights hit you, the Safees reflector reflects the light so that you are instantly more than three times as visible to oncoming traffic. This gives car ample opportunity to brake or steer clear of you. Without a reflector it can be virtually impossible for traffic to see you in the dark . . . to read more about Safees click here

 I received two Safees to review. I really like the idea of having these Safees on hand especially coming towards Halloween I am defiently going to have my 5 year old & myself wear one of these. It's a good way for cars to notice you especially when you are riding a bike or just plain exercising & running. I would of never thought that someone actually came up with this it's a very smart idea. You want to make sure you wear these at knee height because that is where the oncoming traffic's headlights will be directed and thus that is where a lone Safees will do most good.
You can put them on, on almost anything; even pets.  If you aren't sure how to use Safees click here & they will give you a description on how to use it.

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