Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Endangered Species Chocolate

Each ingredient that goes into our chocolate is carefully sourced to benefit and support the environment.  We seek out farmers that practice sustainable farming and use the highest quality organic and all-natural ingredients.  By supporting organic and sustainable agriculture, we are putting fewer chemicals into the earth, protecting rainforests, and supporting sustainability for farmers.

 For my review I was sent some goodies from Endangered Species Chocolates I got Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Almonds & a bag of Dark Chocolate Halloween Treats. I have to say these chocolates are fantastic & delicious. I love the milk chocolate the best. My husband loved the dark chocolate with cranberries & almond we both put them in the freezer I love chocolate in the freezer & than we dipped them in peanut butter they were so good with that mixture. I cannot wait to give out the small Halloween treats for Halloween. I think kids now a days should be introduced to "dark chocolate" its more healthier for you.

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