Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hero Nutritionals Gummy Vitamins

Ms. Hodges, Founder and CEO, landed on the idea of formulating high quality, nutritionally sound children’s supplements in the mid-90’s as she observed her nieces and other children gobbling up candies, particularly multi-flavored gummy bears. Ms. Hodges also observed her sister’s need to constantly remind her children to “take your vitamins”. Conventional supplements were not very appealing to the children because of their crunchy bite, chalkiness and unpleasant after-taste.

 For my review I was sent some products from Hero Nutritional yummy delicious gummy vitamins for adults. What better way to enjoy a vitamin it being a gummy bear or an slice life, and it being sugar free is a really good thing. I could give some to my mom-mom who is a diabetic. I got one of each Slice Life - Sugar Free & Yummi Bears - Sugar Free they are both Vitamin D3 & they both are Gluten, GMO, Allergen & Dairy Free. Awesome. I first opened the Slice Life & started taking these for the past 2 weeks.

They look like this very good source of Vitamin D3 they taste really good to like an citrus orange & you take one everyday. I need to take Vitamin D3 because I don't get enough sun well now that it's winter there isn't going to be much sun out. Also I can't stand taking those horse pills, so anything that is chewable works for me :)

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