Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Omega 3 Water

Omega 3 Water
Dr. Edward Beja, Optometric Physician, President and CEO of Ponce de Leon Enterprises created and developed a natural two flavored (Bold Berry and Orange Citrus) Omega-3 fortified water with Vitamins A, B (3,5,6,12), C, and D and Calcium. Kosher and vegetarian friendly. His purpose was to provide a unique natural healthy beverage that contained Omega-3 which may assist people in living a longer younger healthier life. Dr. Beja has educated his patients about the power of Omega-3 for many years. Join the many others drinking the World's First Omega-3Water®. We hope you enjoy this beverage as much as we do. We feel Omega-3Water® is the ULTIMATE WATER. Best served chilled.

For my review I was sent 2 cases of Omega 3 Water. The two flavors I got were Orange Kiwi & Bold Berry. These were great tasting flavors especially the Orange Kiwi that one was my favorite. My husband enjoyed the Bold Berry as my son didn't really enjoy that one to much he liked the Orange Kiwi like me. I didn't mind the Bold Berry but it did kind of have a funky taste to it, but don't get me wrong it still tasted good. The Orange Kiwi has a nice refreshing taste I love it. I love that this Omega 3 Water has Vitamins B,3,5,6,12 & D & it has Calcium in it as well. Unfortunately Omega 3 Water is not sold in the state that I live in, so I am hoping one day in the future that there will soon be a branch out in New Jersey near me. However you can always purchase them online "here"

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  1. I would love to try Omega 3 Water for the nutritious Vitamins B,3,5,6,12 & D & Calcium!

  2. I take an Omega 3 supplement every day. It's a really big capsule, so it would just be nice to skip it some days and get my Omega 3 from another (tastier) source.

  3. I enjoy flavored waters and the vitamin boost would be a great benefit! Thanks!

  4. I take fish/flax oil pills for healthy omegas so this definitely would be a tasty alternative!
    Thanks so much!