Sunday, October 7, 2012

The blankZ

BlankZ has set of seven blank characters including Bare(bear), No Bully(bull), Piggy BlankZ(pig), Ele-Faint(elephant), White Hound(dog), Blank Bunny(rabbit) and Un-Sealed(sealed). This is a great way to be creative & color in your plush toy so you can create you very own character's look & personality. With every blankZ toy it comes with 5 washable non-toxic markers (black, red, green, blue & yellow). Also if you don't like your design the first time you can quickly put it in a load of dark laundry & wash it & than put it into the dryer & you can create a whole new look for your blankZ 

For my review I was sent the No Bully(bull) to review. My son is 5 years old & he really liked the bull he actually thought it was a different animal, but I had explained to him that bulls have horns, so we took it out of the package & pulled out everything to get started on our blankZ to create & have a fun time coloring in the plush toy. He first picked black so I wanted to test it out & paint the horns black make sure you color your plush toy at a table so the markers don't get on you even though they are washable it still stains a little bit on your fingers. I would think that after you color in parts of your plush toy that it would dry up really quick, but it doesn't so make sure you help your little one do the coloring.

 He did a great job than he told me he was done, lol. He said he'll finish it later.

I think these are such great birthday ideas for kids you could either give them away as a birthday present or have a bunch of these for kids to do as a craft at a birthday party. I will definitely recommend these to people that have children.

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