Monday, October 29, 2012

Wizard Wall Review

Wizard Wall® products were created with a mission to develop innovative tools for the instruction, collaboration and planning professionals. The Wizard Wall portable system is patent pending. All products are manufactured in the United States . . . . to read more about Wizard Wall click here

I was sent a packet of White & Clear Wizard Wall to review. This is a great great idea for Professors to use simple & easy. Also is good for me as well a great reminder & you can always write down your appointments & To Do List. I am always forgetting appointments so to have one of these near the door is a great idea & it will help me to remember things. It is very easy to use all you do is just get one of the paper slips out & stick it to your wall it's that simple & easy you can use permanent marker or dry erase either or is fine. The blue one that I used above in the picture comes off easily my sister tried wiping it away with her finger & it came off. My sister also wrote something with her paper.

Come to think of it now I remember something like these sorta from when I was in Middle School the teachers would use projectiles in school to write notes off of. Something similar to this sort of paper well the clear paper wizard wall anyways.

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