Monday, October 29, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review

Gutzy Gear was born out of the deep-rooted imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, cousins Lauren Bass and Wendy Koolik. Hailing from a long line of business savvy and creative minds, and inspired by Wendy's own children's love for self expression, the pair had their sights set on creating a children's product that would be personal, interactive, and most importantly fun… but it wasn't until they fortuitously came across their grandmother Betty's old golf sweater that their concept came to life . . . to read more about Gutzy Gear click here

 I received 2 strap covers w/a Gutzy Patch & 3 packs of Gutzy Patches which come with 2 in a pack. When I first saw these I was very excited for my son & really interested in these products why, because you don't have to sew them on that is a big plus you simply just stick them on because they have velcro on the back of the Gutzy Patches which make it very convenient to do your own child can design their own cover strap in minutes. It's super easy! I wish I had these as a kid growing up or new about them I would of liked to have them in Kindergarten :)

I brought them over to my mom's house & my sister Abby wanted to try them since I had an extra Strap Covers cause they come in 2 in a pack & she got the girly ones even though there are only 3 patches on there it still looks cute & not overly crowded with Gutzy Patches. What is also a cool idea is that you can Trade them with friends & change them up a bit.

I love this picture! I wish I would of gotten more cute gutzy patches for my son. My son would of loved the sponge bob ones :) Not only do they have Gutzy Gear for your Book bag Straps but also get them in a Hat, Visor, Collector Book & Gutzy 2 Go.

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