Sunday, December 16, 2012

Agloves Review


Agloves are the leading touch gloves brand, envisioned and created by a Boulder, Colo.-based team in 2010. At the time, the idea was quite simple. Why, if our phones were so advanced, could we not answer them with our normal gloves? And boom, the idea of “smart gloves” was born . . . . to read more about Agloves click here

For my review I choose a pair of Agloves the ones I chose were Grip Touch. They also have Sport, Original & Natural. I wanted to go with the Grip Touch because not only when I wear regular gloves when I have my phone it's always hard to swipe with texting & it's so slippery, with grip touch it's so easy to use I got a size XL & they are a little bit but they are good & very comfortable & easy to hold my phone. See pictures below,

You can see the difference between the front glove & the back the back has the gripper dots & it's easy to grip things with & my cell phone being one of them.

I like how it holds a tight grip. I also like wearing these Agloves when I am driving too.

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