Saturday, December 15, 2012

Leanlix Review

I received a sample pack of 6 to the (right) for a review also they gave me one giant leanlix to the (left) the flavor was called Runaway Frank - bacon & hot dog flavor. I have to say these are quite odd I would have never imagined a flavored sort of chapstick, but for dogs and they fare for dogs. My mom's dog Rudy actually smelled it at first than started licking it. I have to say that it was pretty funny, Chip on the other hand was afraid of it.

Rudy licking the Runaway Frank. The other flavors I got too were the following

littelix comes with all six big dog flavors in one pack:
  bark bq, run-a-way frank, day at the beach, dishwasher diner,
cupcake on the counter and one and only strawberry.

The other one Rudy enjoyed was the strawberry. I even smelled it & it smelled so good & yummy. I wanted to lick some, LOL, but I didn't don't worry! My mom actually was a little shocked at this product to because she would of never thought these were for dogs, she got a kick out of it as well.

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