Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Castle Bath Review & Giveaway

Our products- ALL OF THEM- are cosmetics and are formulated for beauty.  NONE of them are formulated to cure, treat, or prevent disease or illness. They are not designed to, nor are they intended to affect the structure or any function of your body. Therfore, PLEASE do not use our research or information found and or shared on this website to diagnosis! In addition, even though we use food grade and nature ingredients- ALL of our products are intended for external use only!

ginger lily scrub
For my review I picked out a couple of things from Castle Baths & one of the items they sent me was the Ginger Lily Brown Sugar Scrub to review. When I first looked at the product it looked really ooey & gooey lol, but that didn't stop me from using it. I love body scrubs & I am very happy that I got to review this lovely spa product from Castle Baths. I wanted to first try this so I hopped into the shower & I have to say I only needed a little bit not a huge amount because I wanted to save some for other times this scrub is very moisturizing & it's said to help with winter skin to exfoliate while protecting and deeply moisturizing. I don't really itch a lot in the winter time, so I am good, but I love how it leaves my body feeling nice & smooth. The smell is really great as well.

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