Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thinkfun Review

Thinkfun Mini Mouth Word Game This game called Mini Mouth was given to me for a review through ThinkFun. I have to say our family really enjoys games like spelling or apples to apples things of that nature. This Mini Mouth game comes with 26 tiles that you use for playing. It also comes with a little blue bag, so you can keep all the tiles with you. You can fit it in your purse also to bring it with you to places for on the go :)

Wondering how you play? 

-- Spread all the 26 tiles face-down. Flip 2 to 5 tiles to reveal the letters. The first person to call out a word containing all of the letters wins the tiles. Continue flipping and calling until all tiles are taken. The player with the most tiles WINS! 
-- Fun game. I really wanted to get this game for my 5 yr old son with teaching him how to spell little 3 letter words, like cat, dog, hat, god he needs help with his vocabulary & recognizing his letters he still has trouble with that but is getting better each day now that I have this game he likes to play it a lot. I am actually bringing this game over so me & my sister & uncle can play it's really fun.

 They also have a website called ThinkFun you should check it out & look at all the awesome games they have for kids :)

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