Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gamer Grub Review

So, we have here some munchies to munch on while playing a long night of games on either Xbox or PlayStation whatever you might be doing at that time. Your always bound to get hungry after a little while, and there aren't many snacks out there that cater to the gaming community, so with that being said you can easily grab a gamer grub and just pour it into your mouth, it's easy & fun & delicious.

We first tired the S'mores they only come in 4 other flavors which are Pizza, PB&J, BBQ. The S'mores were okay not my favorite but my brother & my son loved the S'mores all you do is Tear & Tilt, Gamer Grub is very delicious in my opinion I got to try the other flavors & they were good my favorite was the Pizza & these snacks are packed with essential vitamins rather than munching on an unhealthy snack.

I loved getting this Gamer Grub for a review. I have to thank Gamer Grub for letting me have the opportunity to review their delicious healthy snacks! 

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