Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peggy Bank Review

PeggyBank - MPEGs & JPEGs: Save Your Memories
We're happy, very happy, to do what we do. Everyday at PeggyBank we get to see amazing things. Home movies from the 1940's for example, and photos from some of the best days of people's lives. Even better, we get to see the look on people's faces and hear the emotion in their voices as they describe how moving it is to see cherished memories come alive again . . . . to read more about PeggyBank's story click here

So I know all of you are probably wondering what is PeggyBank, right? Well it's a website that converts all your old media into a digital format and uploads them to a free online "vault", which can be accessed from any computer with web access. I mean you can upload your old pictures and old videos, whatever you choose to send in the mail. Isn't that a swell idea?

Old Memories

 You can capture all those fun time memories and enjoy it with your family and or friends for a good time laugh. I know this is something I cannot wait to try out when I get the chance to get my pictures together from my family & mine put together this is such a great treasureable memory that you'll want your grand-kids to see as well.

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