Saturday, December 1, 2012

La Fresh Review

La Fresh
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Eye Sparkle Finger MittsI was sent a few packets of Eye Sparkle to review. Make sure you read the directions carefully & than wipe around your dogs eye & use one mitt per eye so no infections occur. I though these little packets were a clever idea because our two Chihuahuas dogs always have wet spots underneath their eye & I always wondered what is that & why is it always there so these wipes help to remove eye debris & lift away dark stains caused by tears. Now I know what it means. Very odd. 

Rudy getting his eyes wiped he didn't seem to care at all.

Gentle Dental Finger MittsNow for the next review I got the Gentle Dental as well. I must say that Chippy didn't like this at all he wouldn't even budge to let me get his teeth, but Rudy did & I have some pictures that you can look at in a minute. I know some people actually use a toothbrush to brush their dogs teeth which is pretty funny actually because it just looks ridiculously funny. Well I am so glad that they put some of these samples in as well as for the other ones above I was mentioning I really like these wipes for dogs to clean their teeth & gums very swell idea. Here are some pictures below:


Don't worry I am not hurting him it may look disturbing but I swear there was no harm to this dog I was just trying to give him a little brush to clean his teeth & gums :) He seems to like the taste of the peppermint so that's a good thing. I'll have to get Chippy next time, LOL.

Eco-Beauty® Oil-Free Face Cleanser, Scented 10ctLa Fresh doesn't just have Pet Care they also have Beauty Care as well. I was sent some Oil Free Face Cleaner to review & Waterproof Make up Remover.
Eco-Beauty® Waterproof Makeup Remover, 18 packets
I really love both of these products every time I go out & I usually have make up on & than when I come home I am usually so tired to rinse off my make up & everything I just let it sit on my face til the next morning. I know that is not good, so I am always carrying these Make up Remover packets in my purse so than I can always take one out & wipe off my make up I love it it's so convenient for me. I was really satisfied with the "purple box" above.

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