Friday, December 7, 2012

P28 The Original High Protein Bread Review

P28 was developed by three brothers in the bakery business and their personal trainer/nutritionist. The three of us were overweight and out of shape. We wanted to lose weight and get back into shape quickly . . . . to read more about P28 click here

P28 sent me some samples to review. I got flat bread, bagels, and 2 loafs of bread. I really love that it's high in protein although when I spelled the bread I did not like the smell at all. I for one did not like the bread at all, but my 5 yr old son Nicholas LOVED it. Hard to believe a 5 yr old loved it more than a 27 year old. LOL. I did however love the flat bread. They are filled with so many good nutrients for you.

I made a ham & cheese wrap & it was so delicious. I still have some left. I gave my mom a loaf of bread as well because that is all we eat in our family is whole wheat products. I am really big on that.

 A slice of bread from P28

My son had me make him peanut butter & fluff all the time on P28 bread he loved it that much. He said it was really yummy.

 My son with his P28 sandwich :)

Overall everything was great & we made out okay with these products it was great to try out these breads from P28 really loved everything.

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