Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smart Bones Review

 I was asked to review some Smart Chips & Smart Sticks for my dogs. My mom has 2 small dogs & my pop pop has 1 medium sized dog they seemed to enjoy these a lot especially Chippy & Sammy. Rudy didn't so much. I am so pictures to show you as well with their treats.

Sammy eating one of the Smart Sticks (peanut butter flavored) you can tell that Sammy pretty much was like hogging it all she would growl if you tried to mess with her & take it away, LOL. Too Funny!!

Chippy with both treats the stick & the chip. The Smart Chips were oddly weird lol. It sorta looked like a wonton but it was clever.

This picture is pretty awesome it is really funny. Chippy loves his Smart Stick.
Overall everything turned out great the 2 dogs loved them more than anything & I think it's good for dogs to have a good quality treat once in a while.

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