Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thymes Review


THYMES has a lot of different stuff to pick out from whether it be stuff for your bathroom some candles for your living room anything really. It's all about fragrance.  I was able to choose some things from Thymes.com & I ended up choosing a few things listed below are the following:

What I have here from left to right are the following: 

Moon Flower Body Lotion - I love the lotion I picked out it smells really nice & it has shimmer as well as you put it on it looks really pretty.

Gold Leaf Sink set which I love a lot I only really have soap in my bathroom but I know a lot of people like lotion as well so the set goes perfectly in my bathroom & I love the smell I am always excited to wash my hands because of the smell it's breathtaking. 

Bitter Orange & Cedar Potpourri I have never really used potpourri before but I wanted to wait a bit & use it because I needed to get something to put it in & I still have not yet found anything I am just letting it sit there till I find something you can smell it while it's still sitting in the bag, but it does smell really good. 

Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut Candle the candle I got is so beautiful & it smells just like pumpkin pie in my opinion. I have it sitting by my bedside because I love the smell so much it helps flow throughout our bedroom.

Lemon Geranium Mist for Body & Bed - I love anything Lemon it smells really refreshing & I love to just smell it. I wish all the time my house smelled like lemons. I love it that much. I use this spray for everywhere my bedroom, my bathroom, my kitchen & living room anywhere you can think of oh & even my lovely car. It's funny because my son always ask me what are you spraying & I tell him it's lemon spray he said can I try it & I told him it's not food because he loves lemons, lol

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