Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wall Pops! Review

 Wall Pops is a peel and stick wall art. It can be used anywhere throughout your house, and it is very fashionable. Designer wall decals are perfect for newborn baby-rooms, bathrooms, anywhere really. You can choose from Glow in the dark wall art and Wall Clock decals, Wall Pops is a peel and stick wall art.

For my review I picked out the Anya Monthly Calendar. I really needed a new calendar so I wanted to try out this Peel & Stick Wall Pop one. The size is 13" x 17.75". How I would of liked it to be a little bit bigger. I mean it's okay I love the design a lot, but the boxes where you put in the numbers are small & with the thick dry-erase marker that came with it it's hard to write the numbers in the small box & it looks squished. That is the only negative thing about this calendar that I don't like.
What it looks like with the December calendar. If only the boxes were bigger & the marker was thinner it would look right & not all squished together.

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