Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feral Review

Here at Feral Watches, we want you to find a watch that suits you. We believe every Feral watch is a reflection of who we are. Inspired by sandy toes, salty hair, and sun kissed faces; we create fun and feminine timepieces that will add structure to your wild side- by keeping you punctual, you free spirit, you!

  For my review I was sent a lovely watch from Feral Watches. This watch I received is a very stylish & unique watch. I just got into leopard print so I was so happy they had this one that I could review. 

I like this watch a lot I haven't been in much style with watches so I just got back in the groove with them. Although I have to get used to watches again I am not used to having anything on my wrist, and I had to adjust the length of the watch to fit my wrist also.

The back what it looks like. I like the different hole slots they have it's really nice. This watch will go with basically anything.

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