Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cordina Review

The Cordina story began with college buddies, Craig Cordes and brothers Antonio and Sal La Martina. On a beach trip away from their native New Orleans they sat enjoying the sun and sand, but lamenting the rapid pace at which their frozen drinks were reduced to liquid . . . to read more about Cordina click here

I was sent 4 flavors of Cordina to review. The 4 delicious flavors I got to review were Mar-Go-Rita (Classic Lime), Daiq-Go-Ri (Strawberry), Pina-Go-Lada (Pina Colado) & Mar-Go-Rita (Watermelon). All these flavors you can find here. It couldn't be a more convenient time to get these delicious alcohol drinks in the mail because my friend was here to enjoy them with me & we got to taste the goodness of them. She was having a stressed day & more of a way to relax & drink some yummy beverages.

 Fist I tried the Watermelon I am a big watermelon person so I thought this would be best to try first & it was really good, very sweet & tangy. I like how it came with a straw in the back of the beverage. When I purchased something similar to these in the past they did not have a straw in the back it's very easier to drink it with a straw.

I was so happy I had to take a picture with my Mar-Go-Rita, watermelon!

Me & my friend Deanne having a good time drinking our Cordina beverages; while I was drinking the watermelon she was drinking the pina colada one & I took a sip & I thought it was really delicious! Although we both tasted the Key Lime that was a bit sour so we decided to mix it up a bit so Deanne thought of an idea to mix the key lime with the strawberry so we had it that way because there was no way were going to just drink the key lime by itself it was way to sour & sweet for our taste buds lol, and it was really good mixed with the strawberry we liked it a lot & it made us feel good after we had 4 drinks :)

(here is what the mixed key lime & strawberry looked like)
It was really good :) tasted like a sweet-tart...

I have to say that I really liked these pouches of Cordina alcohol beverages they are really good & great for parties. Simply chill them in the freezer for a couple of hours & you are good to go.

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  1. Tara this looks AMAZING! I love that you can pop them in the freezer and when you are ready for a frozen drink it is on. :) Soooo lovely. :) Thanks for sharing. Dropping by from the blog hop at Our Everyday Harvest. Have a great weekend!

    1. They are amazing!!! I liked them a lot! Also after 4 of them well 2 1/2 we felt pretty good :)