Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lucas Candies Review

Lucas Candies

The Lucas family has been making chocolates since 1896 after five Lucas brothers immigrated to the U.S. from Greece and settled on the Hudson River in Haverstraw, NY.  Today the store is operated by the fourth generation of the Lucas family, with the day to day management overseen by chocolatier, . . . . to read more about Lucas Candies click here

For my review I was sent some delicious chocolate from Lucas Candies. The following chocolate I got were Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods, PMS Bar & Chocolate Covered Pretzels drizzled with dark chocolate. I know some of you are wondering what the PMS Bar is (lol) it's really delicious by the way too & it's pictured above to the far left. It has peanut butter in it with crushed potato chips & semi sweet chocolate drizzle on top. When I had a bite it was really creamy & delicious I love chocolate especially milk chocolate & you could taste a lot of the mixture that was in it.  The pretzel rods were really yummy too I couldn't stop eating them they were that good. The chocolate covered pretzels drizzled with dark chocolate was good too. I literally ate the entire bag of 2 YUM!

I really wanted to try the chocolate covered Oreo cookies I've heard they are so delicious & I maybe had them once or twice before a while ago, but boy did they look amazingly good.
Chocolate Covered Oreos 

Another great chocolate I thought was interested were the chocolate covered nutter butters. Never had them before they look really good as well.

Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

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  1. oh my! those look delicious! that PMS bar and those chocolate pretzel rods look amazing. You are very lucky to be sent such yummy treats.