Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tastefully Simple Review

Tastefully Basic founded in 1995 can be a business dependent in Alexandria, Minnesota that gives a wide array of gourmet food items from appetizers, major programs, and even desserts. They also sell recipe textbooks. They offer standard food items all over the calendar year, nevertheless they have seasonal menus way too to ensure there is certainly assortment for their clients. Their aim is usually to give easy to put together dishes for all those people who are hectic and want to spend much more time with family or close friends fairly paying their time in the cooking area.

Smoked Bacon Warm Dip Mix

I received a sample packet of Smoked Bacon Warm Dip Mix. I was disappointed I didn't get a real sample back just a little sample packet, anyways. I really wanted to try this dip I am not really a bacon person but my husband & son are so I thought they would like this dip, so we made it for our Christmas Party & my husband seemed to like it & eat it all.

So first off you'll want to get something simple I used my big measurement cup because it was a small batch since I got a sample pack that they don't sell for retail. I combined 4oz cream cheese room temp. and 1/2 cup cheddar cheese plus the bacon dip packet.

 This is what it looked like after I combined everything & microwaved it for 30 seconds, than combined the rest of the cheddar cheese on top & microwaved it for another 30 seconds and this is what it turned out to be like. 

It seemed to be a weird texture not sure if that is what it was supposed to look like or more like the 2nd picture like melty not like clumpy like it's shown in the picture above.

I followed the directions & this is what it ended up looking like my husband was there too as he was the one taking the pictures. I didn't really like the taste to much I'm not a fan of bacon as I said but my husband really enjoyed it we tried it with Frito scoop chips.

Overall everything went well. I would of liked to maybe try something different from Tastefully Simple. I heard they have amazing garlic garlic dip. I am a big garlic fan & so is my mom.. I do have to say they are somewhat pricey too.

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  1. Glad your hubby liked it! Sorry you did not :-( This was one of the items you expressed an interest in when we spoke. Happy New Year!

  2. It's not that I didn't like it I did but the texture was weird I guess I am not used to dip being like this or if it was supposed to be like this or more of creamy texture that is all. My husband enjoyed it that is all that matters. I tried to get something we all would of liked & tried

  3. This is a very popular dip. The texture is a gooey cheesy mixture that is full of bacon and cheddar flavor. Since you aren't a bacon fan then I'm not surprised you didn't care for it. Everyone has their own personal taste but that taste shouldn't judge the overall outcome of the product. You're husband liked it and it has gotten rave reviews from others. You should definitely go to the website and order some other dips that without bacon and you will definitely give personal rave reviews :) The garlic dip comes in a jar and will make 7 cups of dip. $8.99 for that much dip is quite a bit and the cost is not bad when it is broken down. Give it another try :)

  4. Another option is to add a TBSP of mayo to the dip and cook it in the oven bc the microwave tends to make the cheese rubbery :)

  5. Yeah they should mention that on the packet cause I would of never known to do that :)

    I think my mom has a bottle of the salsa one sorta like the garlic garlic bottle & it is BEYOND GOOOD.

  6. The Simply Salsa Mix? Yes that is yummy!