Tuesday, February 12, 2013

funK Shades Review

Your children will go crazy decorating and personalizing their sunglasses with these whimsical charms; and parents, you will feel good knowing that your children are wearing sunglasses with 100%UVA UVB Polarized protection. We have finally found a way to get kids excited about wearing sunglasses, and we think that's a win/win for everyone!

 For my review I was sent a pair of funK Shades & 4 charms. At first I thought I was going to get a color for my son but turned out I got pink, so I thought of my sister Abby. With that said. I find these funK Shades really cute. The charms I got were Sun, Penguin, Frog & a Monkey. There is 2 snaps on each of the sides (pictured above) where you just snap them on it's really simply & easy. These would make great birthday presents or better yet for a little girls birthday party. Each of the children could have their own funK Shades & decorate them themselves.

 My sister Abby with her funK Shades on.

 They look so cute on her. She liked the sunglasses a lot.

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