Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Solo Cup Company Review


Solo Cup Company is an international company that simplifies life with single-use products, enriching everyday meals and special occasions.

For my review I was sent a big box of Solo Products. I was beyond excited because I was just about ready to go to my Walmart and pick up some paper products, boy was I excited to get this in the mail :)

As you can see in the picture above I got some paper plate products, lots of solo cups, football plates just in time for the super bowl which was that following Sunday! Bare products. I love them so much. They gave me Bare bowls too which really came in handy. I loved every Solo Cup product above it was great. 

If I could use paper products my entire life I would. I hate doing dishes, thank god for dish washers! Although I think the Solo cups are very handy at times especially with kids. In
case you don't hear a glass break just a spill with Solo Cups!

An example of what I used the Bare bowl with. It is very firm & I like these products a lot. I hate Styrofoam bowls they never last, but this bowl above in the picture works excellent!

They even gave me some small Bare plates I liked these a lot because you could put small desserts on the plate like I have pictured above. You could even cut up some apples & carrots & dip to have a portion control snack.

So overall I really like Solo Cup Company & I would recommend this company to all my fellow fans & readers out there :)

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