Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Uncle Matt's Organic Review

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I was sent a "free coupon" to try one of Uncle Matt's Organic I choose Orange Juice. We are a big fan of OJ in our household. My son & I love it although my husband loves lots of pulp in his, but me nope I don't like it that way. I love the vitamin d & calcium. I like how it says not from concentrate I always look for OJ that says that on the carton. I love organic even though it can be pricey we try to budget our money with getting Organic sometimes I like that it's healthier for you. I went to my local Shoprite they have an organic section now, and I only saw OJ & Grapefruit. I really wanted to try the Lemonade thought that might taste good too, but they were out of it. I also got a cooler bag too along with my review. I love it!


It holds quite a lot of frozen food it was pretty full when I packed it as you can tell from the picture above how bulky it is :)

 Overall my son loved Uncle Matt's Organic Orange Juice, so I was happy. I loved it to!

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