Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wugadogs Review

We encourage all people who are looking for a pet to adopt or rescue an animal.
They make the Wugadog toy line for children ages 3 and up. They are custom-designed plush puppies that are produced in limited production runs. It basically means that each breed is released to the public and is available for twelve to fifteen weeks, then put out of production to make room for the next Wugadog. The first one was the Boston Terrier back in December, which has now, sadly, been put out of production. The next one, released, is the Boxer puppy..

I received a Boxer Wugadog for review. What a name "Wugadog" it's so cute & different. When I received this in the mail & opened it my son automatically said "is that for me" LOL I said yes it is, and he was so delight & happy he came over & wanted to get a picture with his pal. My son has come to love stuffed animals & has about 7 of them on his bunk bed, no lie! He sleeps with them every night. He also wishes that we could have a pet dog, but simply cannot because the rules that are forbidden in our apartment complex. 

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