Monday, March 25, 2013

Cocomo Joe Review

Cocomo Joe

Enjoy.  Eat less.  Chew your food.

I didn’t start out wanting to make healthy foods, but I have always liked them, and wondered why there weren’t more available that tasted good.  After learning that many companies disguise their foods to make them appear healthy, it fueled the fire that now drives Cocomo Joe to be the absolute best in the organic foods industry . . . . to read more about Cocomo Joe click here

I was sent some samples from Cocomo Joe to review. I got some Chocolate Milk Granola, Cocomocorn, Cranberry Granola & some Joe Bars. You can find all the products mentioned in the text (here) and more of Cocomo Joe products as well.

chocolate MILK granola - single

My favorite product from Cocomo Joe was the chocolate milk granola. My family really loved this a lot it's really chocolatey & we put this on some yogurt or ice cream I know you would think ice cream it being odd, but we really like it & enjoy it as a light snack instead of putting junk candy on our ice cream with sprinkle some of Cocomo Joe granola on it you should try it really good & it's chocolate so you can't go wrong. I love the antioxidants that's in Cocomo Joe products. It's healthy for you, and my husband loved the cranberry granola he just ate that plain no worries with him at all. I really liked Cocomo Joe products.
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