Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers Review & Giveaway

At Crunchmaster, we’re committed to fusing the tradition of the East with the tempting taste sensations of the West to give you authentic, all natural snacks that not only taste great, but are better for you . . . to read more about Crunchmaster click here

So, for my review I was sent a few sampled packs of Crunchmaster to review. These crackers are gluten free which I love a lot. They are really scrumptious crackers & I enjoy every bite or should I say my whole family enjoys them. They go great with hummus. 

The one I chose was the Roasted Vegetable Multi-Grain Crackers. These crackers are really good just eating them right out of the bag you don't need any dips because it's already very flavorful, but if you want you can always whip up some tuna fish & make a little snack out of it or a cracker sandwich it's very delicious.

Next we have that I chose was the Multi-Grain White Cheddar. I love anything that has to do with cheese even better when it's flavored like this. Cheese puffs, Cheese string, anything. Me & my husband & son both ate these in one day they were very good, and we enjoyed these the most. 

I than chose these yummy Multi-Grain Cracker box. My son loves crackers so he always takes this in a little snack baggie to school, and I love eating healthy multi-grains it's really healthier for you than other regular crackers. These were also a big hit at my mom's game night. Everybody loved them & was eating them with cheese & pepperoni. 

Cheezy Crisps 

  Grammy CrispsLast but not least I chose these two boxes of Kids Crisps, one cheddar & the other cinnamon & sugar. These are the best snacks for kids, EVER! So good & delicious, the cinnamon & sugar was really good not just the perfect amount of goodness to every bite, my son enjoyed these a lot.

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