Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Warm Tradition Review & Giveaway

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Founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Harry Shpelfogel and Sally Goodgold, Warm is the largest online hot water bottle specialty site in the United States. Tired of the hot water bottles that never stayed warm, frustrated with hot water bottles that always leaked or hot water bottles that were not environmentally friendly - they knew there must be a better solution out there . . .  to read more about Warm Tradition click here 

 For my review I was sent a Warm Tradition Purple Orchid Fleece Covered Hot Water Bottle. I have to say I am very impressed with this product. I do like how they a nice & soft outside cover for your warm tradition bottle. I liked the one I picked out. I am in the process of sharing this with my sister she tends to get an upset stomach sometimes, so I let her try this out as well. This was good for me when I had my "time of the month" cramps the usual I put this on my belly & just layed there for like an hour it felt so good & I felt relaxed. The heat from the bottle will penetrate your muscles. This would be good for my mother too because she has Lupus, and sometimes she can't feel her fingers or feet because do to the Reynolds I believe, so she can always just hold the hot bottle & warm right up & get strength back into her hands. I like that this is handy & you can bring it on a car ride or anywhere for that matter. I really love this product it's a good thing, and I am glad I own one.

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  1. Answer to question #1 I just fell in love with the Night Sky fleece hot water bottle (that deep blue did it for me).