Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky Paws Online Review & Giveaway

Lucky Paws proudly presents PetCakes, the first ever microwavable dog treats. Run by Melinda Kirk, this unique concept of a canine cupcake, has spread quickly throughout pet boutiques nationwide. PetCakes, made of all natural and organic ingredients, can be microwaved in less than 3 minutes creating a tasty and totally unique experience for families and their pets . . .  to read more about PetCakes click here

For my review I was sent some samples to review from PetCakes. I was a little skeptical at first because I have never heard of PetCakes before and you can microwave them as well. Really funny & weird at the same time, LOL. Anyways me & my son first made some for our moms dogs Chip & Rudy to try out they didn't really look that great, but we did the best we could. My son wanted to try them but I said no these are treats for dogs. They actually have PetCakes for cats as well. Of course the picky eater of dogs that my mom has wouldn't eat them, but my pop-pops dog Sammy loved them and at one of the ones that we made.

 (from website)

 You can decide how to decorate them for your dogs (like in the picture above). These are actually great for when you do celebrate a birthday those dogs and cats of yours can have their very own personalized treat instead of giving them some of yours which dogs aren't allowed to have chocolate, but we all give it to them as a one time treat during someones birthday I know my pop pop does that, so in this case you can prep one up and share it :)

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