Monday, March 4, 2013

Hide The Years HTY Gold Review

HTY GOLD® | The All Natural Answer to Aging Skin

I am Patricia Kopas, co-founder of Pacific Specialty Oils, Inc., and co-creator of HTY Gold. I am 80 years old and married to George Kopas, a master chemist, who has worked with oils for over 50 years. I want to share with you the creation of HTY Gold . . . . to read more about HTY click here

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I was contacted to receive HTY Gold and I was honored to review this product. I gave this product to my mother she always loves trying different products for her skin and anything that is for aging. These products are very nice & eye appealing to me. It's a luxurious blend of all natural oils that will revive and renew your skin damaged by sun and aging. Body Gold is an excellent moisturizer for day & night. It leaves your skin feeling soft & silky. It will help conquer the dry, rough areas of your body & leave your skin nice & healthy. My mother has so far used this for a week and she can already feel the difference in her skin. She likes it a lot and uses it every day. I recommend for you older woman to take a look at their website & shop around a bit You won't be disappointed!

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