Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maxim Hygiene Review

Maxim Hygiene Products, is a medium size family run company, not a faceless multi-national manufacturing giant. We believe in and support quality products and services, particularly Personal Hygiene Products that offer true health and lifestyle benefits. We value honesty and integrity along with professionalism in all our dealings . . . to read more about Maxim click here

 I was sent a couple of products from Maxim Hygiene Products to review. I got Organic Cotton Rounds, Swabs & Ultra Thin Winged Pads(Overnight). I have to say I really love the cotton rounds I use them for when I take my make up off at night or use them to apply some cover up on. They are really soft & I like them a lot along with the swabs I use for my ears very comfortable & soft as well. As for the pads I got the overnight ones & they seem to be a bit small something that I wouldn't wear because I tend to get a heavy flow when that time comes around if it does I have irregular periods so it's nice to have them when your period is slowing down the last 2 days.

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