Wednesday, March 6, 2013

McIncShop Review

Patrick McNaughton is the president of McNaughton Inc and Jamie McNaughton is Vice President and National Sales Manager. McNaughton Inc is an environmentally-minded design and manufacturing organization.  The company proudly produces over 60% of its items domestically and sells and exports to retailers, distributors, online stores, mail order catalogs, TV/media and direct to consumers worldwide . . . to read more about McIncShop click here

For my review I chose 2 items from McIncShop. I chose this wonderful Tub & Shower Mat in Sea Green. This tub mat is very comfortable when you are in the shower doing your business, and I love the way it feels on my feet & toes, don't worry about slipping & sliding because of the water it suctions to the tub & it stays put, but you can always take it out if you don't want it to sit in there.

The next thing I picked out was the Fabric Softner Sheet Box Holder in white. I really love this product because it holds your fabric softner it's so much easy & convenient now to just pull one of those out and throw it in your washer. You can also nail it to your wall in the laundry room and use it that way to. 

 McIncShop offers a lot of varieties of different products you won't be surprised at how much. I love different & unique things for anywhere whether having things in my kitchen or bathroom or outside. You'll deffiently want to check out & buy some goodies.

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