Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neater Feeder Review & Giveaway

So what we have here is a Neater Feeder and I had gotten one of these for a review for my pop-pops dog Sammy. I really wanted to test out this product on one of our dogs so I chose my grandfather's dog because Sammy deserves a high maintenance dog bowl :) I thought this was pretty neat because they have small, medium & large for small dogs & big dogs. I feel like dogs should have some accessories as well as us. It makes them feel comfortable when they are eating.

 My Pop-Pop working on the Neater Feeder putting it together.

 What it looks like put all together, pretty neat huh?
 I like it a lot it's roomy for the dog & it's an amazing product.

 Sammy getting used to the Neater Feeder she doesn't really know what is was or how to react towards it but she soon warmed up & got used to this new feeding bowl product.

 Some of the water that drips to the side goes down to this chrome color part of the Neater Feeder which I think is a great idea especially with the food if it falls or drips off the dog when she's eating it'll in near the red where it has holes you can look above again in the picture up top.

Overall I think Sammy will make use of this a lot & my pop-pop thought it was such a great idea and that he loved it and was thanking me :) 

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  1. I need this for my cat because he is a first-class PIG when it comes to eating. This would be so nice to have! The red one is pretty!

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